Monday, June 30, 2008

Amusing Moments

Teaching piano lessons has some amusing moments. I hope these stories make you smile!

One first grader played the assigned song very well, slowing down nicely at the end of the piece. "That was beautiful!" I praised effusively. "I especially like the way you gradually slowed down at the end of the piece. That's called a Ritard." "Oh," she pressed her lips together solemnly shaking her head, "I can't say that word - it has a bad meaning!"
Another child, arriving for her piano lesson burst through the door and announced grandly in a loud voice, "Well, this is the last day I won't have any cavities!" "Why is that?" I enquired. She replied, "Because tomorrow I'm going to the dentist!"

Sometimes I get more information that I want. In response to, "How are you doing today?" one child confided, "Guess what! Last night a policeman came to our house!"

I was invited to a birthday party by one little boy. I asked him for directions to his house. He gave the following: "It's real easy. You just go down that road where the tree is and you'll see a mailbox. You turn there. And," he finished triumphantly, "we live right beside our neighbor!"
One little girl asked me what the "Heart Trophy" was. I tried to explain, "It's a trophy I give at the recital to a student who works very hard and really puts his WHOLE heart into piano lessons." "Well," she said in a disappointed tone, "I know I won't get that one because I only put half my heart in it!"
I have a quiet, genteel cat named Squeeky. One of my first graders pleadingly begged, "I've never had a nice cat like Squeeky." Then she made a request. "Mrs. Klass, when you're ninety will you please give me Squeeky?!"
(Either I look really old or Squeeky's going to live to an amazing age!)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Sermon

All I have is a few scribbled notes,
but the sermon (heard several years ago) made such an impact I still remember it.

A "Mary" Church or a "Martha" Church?
Martha was busy.
Mary was concerned only that she be in the presence of Jesus.

A "Martha" Church
A "Martha" Church is built on ABC's: Attendance, Buildings, Cash. This is a consumer based church where people are the center. The more people who come the better the church is. (This church lives in the book of numbers.) :)

1. Religious activities - Holiness by fatigue
2. Jesus is the mascot
3. Information Driven (deliver me from the Kinko spirit)
4. Pastor Fetch
5. Problematic Praying
6. Shifting Sheep (allusion of church growth)
7. Control Strongholds - certain people control the church

A "Mary" Church
A "Mary" Church is a Presence based church where God is the center. "We love people but God is here."

1. Continuous worship Rev. 4:5
2. Jesus is revealed
3. God's presence will draw people
4. Pastor Levite
5. God Seekers - The Pastor's goal is to bring people into His presence
6. Presence Evangelism
7. Divine Strongholds: God doesn't just visit - He inhabits.

Is your church a "Martha" church or a "Mary" church?

"Don't do the work of the Lord - make Him the Lord of the work."
-Terry Tekyl

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Missing Dad

Dear Dad,
I really miss you a lot. I know you are enjoying the beauties of heaven and the joy of being with Jesus and all your friends there. It must be unspeakably wonderful. But I think about you often and what a terrific Dad you were. You were so handsome, so gentle, so kind, so loving, so humble, so faithful, so caring.

I remember those great days when I moved back with you and Mom. Every morning when I walked into the living room you would be sitting in your recliner dressed in a long sleeved white shirt and dress pants, ready for the day. Your first words were always the same. "Morning, Darth, how ARE things?"

We would usually sit together and discuss the Sunday School lesson and you'd ask my opinion on a verse or two. When you jotted down my comments I felt so important. "That's a good thought," you'd say.

It's nothing new
these thoughts I have of you.

Since time began
grief has been a common thing
As people of all races
morn the loss of one who made them sing.

But still the hurt is there
like a dull unhappy ache inside
where no one can see.

And even though I know it won't be long
until we meet again,
I think of you and wonder...
Do you think of me?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Who Listens?

For who listens to us in all the world
Whether he be friend or teacher, brother or father or
Mother, sister or neighbor, son or ruler, or
Servant? Does he listen, our advocate, or our
Husbands or wives, those who are dearest to us?
Do the stars listen, when we turn despairingly
Away from man, or the great winds, or the seas or
The mountains? To whom can any man say - Here I
Am! Behold me in my nakedness, my wounds, my
Secret grief, my despair, my betrayal, my pain,
My tongue which cannot express my sorrow, my
Terror, my abandonment.
Listen to me for a day, - an hour! A moment!
Lonely silence! O God, is there no one to listen?

Is there no one to listen? you ask. Ah, yes,
There is One who listens, Who will always listen.
Hasten to Him, my friend! He waits on the hill
For you. -unknown author

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Prayer for Today


Please help me not to allow any situation, any person, or any discouragement to eclipse my vision of You.

Let no influence hinder my enthusiastic pursuit of Your daily word to me.

Help my human tendencies to be so wrapped with Your Spirit that the distractions of life have no power to color my emotions.

Keep me, Father, close, carrying me as a little lamb near to your heart.

May I feel the comfort of Your arms around me, the blessing of Your tender embrace, the unmistakable sense of the intertwining of our spirits.

May I hear the whisper of Your voice above the din, the certain knowledge that You ARE directing my paths, that Your will is being done in me today. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why Don't I Listen to My Husband?

Why am I such a slow learner?

I was supposed to take a finger food to church for a birthday celebration at 6 p.m. Sunday night. I was tired -- it was about 4 p.m. and I still didn't have anything ready. Mark said, "Just get some chips and dip and be done with it."

Instead of saying, "Honey, what a great idea!" I obstinately responded with, "No, I'll make that Salmon Dip we like. It's so good and I have all the stuff to make it so I won't have to go to the store." I made it pretty quickly but realized I didn't have any crackers so Mark had to go to the store anyway to get crackers. He wasn't real happy about that.

I took the Salmon Dip to the birthday/fellowship and NOT ONE BITE GOT EATEN!!! There was so much food........I brought it home feeling sorry that I would have to throw it away. I stuck it in the frig and forgot about it.

Mark and I left the next morning and were gone for several days. We returned home Thursday afternoon. We were tired and I don't remember what Mark ate for supper but I got out the Salmon Dip. Mark cautioned me not to eat it. "That's probably bad. You made it Sunday - this is Thursday and Salmon doesn't keep long." Again, instead of saying, "You are so right, dear" I argued, "No, it looks good and smells good so I think it's OK." I hated to throw it away and I didn't want to listen to Mark.

So I ate about half of it on crackers and that was my supper. I felt fine when I went to bed but about midnight I woke up sick as a dog. The nausea, intense stomach pain, and vomiting were horrible. I was sick all night long, throwing up every couple of hours. Mark was nice enough to get up and help me without saying, "I told you so."

What a miserable night! I hope I've learned my lesson! I had two opportunities to avoid suffering but totally did what I wanted instead of listening to my husband!

Lord, how patient You are to teach me......over and over again. Help me to remember this lesson and next time to LISTEN TO MY HUBBY!!! -dbk

Cheerful Insecurity

"I have been feeling very much lately that cheerful insecurity is what our Lord asks of us."
-C. S. Lewis

God, You are so incredible! You are so amazing! Why do I ever doubt Your awesome power, Your infinite wisdom and your amazing knowledge of every detail in the entire universe and so, of course, every detail of my life.

To think that I am Your dearly loved child staggers me, gives me the sense of a long ago fairy-tale story-book fantasy come true. The childhood dreams of perfect beauty, gracefulness, the handsome prince, and the "happy ever after" have all come true for me.

Father, help me never to doubt You again. Help me never to underestimate Your ability to care for me. Help me never to allow myself the misguided notion that it's all up to me. What a foolish, small faithed, devil inspired, nonsensical perception! You HAVE helped us, You ARE helping us, and You WILL help us.

The far reaches of space with stars, planets, and galaxies are known to You. Each of the six billion people in the world are known to You. Every jungle, desert, tribe, nation, and dynasty is known to You. Every mystery unsolved by man, every secret well hidden, every silent thought in every mind is known to You. And I am known to You. You are My Father! You love me dearly! You have supplied my every need my entire life!!!

You have answered countless prayers for healing, money, a husband, a house, guidance, grace in trials, hope in adversity --- God, my heart, my mind and my soul lift in praise!

One day I will give ceaseless praise to the Lamb Who sits on the throne forever and ever, through the eternity of eternities, in endless adoration and delight. Let all that is within me BLESS HIS HOLY NAME!!

I thank You for lifting my burden. I thank You for lifting my cares. I thank You for strengthening my faith. GOD YOU ARE HERE!

Of course You're going to help us through our present difficulties. Of course You're going to meet our needs. Of course You're going to open the eyes of those walking in darkness. Of course You're going to going to work all things together for our good! You aren't dead, You aren't silent, You aren't paralyzed, You aren't hard of hearing, blind or infirm.

Than why have I been acting like You are? Why have I been allowing myself to listen to and believe a lie?

I thank You for this overwhelming fresh revelation of Who You are.

If a man called Abraham could believe You, if a child named David could take on a giant in Your name, if poor uneducated fishermen could follow You believing Your words, then I too can join the procession!! I, too, can exchange my cringing, faltering, wobbly faith for a slab of granite! Here I come, Lord, a little behind the rest, but I'm running! Count me in!! I believe You. -dbk