Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Prayer

I like this little prayer from Elizabeth Elliott's website.

I know when the stress has grown too strong,
Thou wilt be there.
Thou hearest prayer.
I know that in the crash of falling worlds, Thou holdest me.
I know that life and death and all are Thine eternally.
-Janet Erskine Stuart

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Walking Partner

Ever since we moved I have tried to find someone to walk with me. I've driven my husband to distraction (who is NOT a morning person and does NOT like to walk) by begging, cajoling, and pleading, asked friends, hinted to neighbors, but no takers. Walking in the morning sets my mood for the day and I felt I was spiraling into depression and the things that go with it for me: namely overeating, laziness, and self-pity.

Yesterday, as I pondered over my plight for the umpteenth time, I heard Someone say, "I'll be your walking partner." I knew my Friend, He had walked with me many times. I had forgotten that He is ALL I need.

SO.....THIS MORNING we went walking. My very favorite thing to do while walking is meditate and memorize THE WORD. The following is a feeble attempt at describing our walk.

"I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord..."

WOW!! The PRISONER of the LORD????? Paul didn't say, "Pray that God gets me out of this stinkin' jail. I am so sick and tired of the attitude of the jailers, and the guys in here with me.....You should hear their language!! The food is awful, the stench is terrific and I just gotta get outa here. Satan has put me in here and we need to agree together that God will DO SOMETHING." Paul looked at his situation, the place he was in at the moment as from the Lord. That seems incredibly amazing to me.

What about the place I am in right now? Do I see my situation as from the Lord and allowed and permitted by God? Hummmmmmmmm, serious food for thought.

"beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called"

Paul is BEGGING me to walk worthy. Have I been walking worthy when I entertain doubts, depression, and discouragement? Have I been walking worthy when I overeat at meals and eat snacks all day? Have I been walking worthy when I neglect my secret place with the Lord? I DON'T THINK SO!!

And then the realization that I have been called, by God, to a vocation, to a job. I may have others ways to earn money to pay my bills....that is NOT my purpose in life. My focus has got to be the purpose for which I am in this be like Jesus.

"with all lowliness and meekness"

I needed that. I'm embarrassed to say it, but pride is a pitfall I am constantly skirting.

"with long suffering, forbearing one another in love"

Ah, yes.......I need a truckload of long suffering again TODAY.

By that time I had my walk in, felt better emotionally and physically, and was focused for the day.

"Thank you, Lord, for walking with me, talking with me, telling me I belong to YOU. The joy we share is like no other."

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Roosters, Cats, God Uses Everything

I think of how God used a rooster to get Peter's attention and bring him to repentance; it was a lesson only a rooster could teach. Well, recently God used a cat to teach me a lesson.

Squeeky, (my highly esteemed feline), has NEVER been a lap cat. If I tried to hold him on my lap he would jump down in three seconds. UNTIL..........

He got in his first CAT FIGHT. He came in, left eye half shut, bleeding from his nose and mouth....a very unhappy animal. Squeeky has never had a high tolerance for pain and he seemed devastated by the fight.

He stayed in the garage for two days and wouldn't eat or drink.....just seemed dazed by his injuries, and the recent discovery that he was not the boss of the block. make a long story short.....

He has now turned into a LAP cat. He follows me everywhere. Even when I'm going in circles -- he goes in circles too!! As soon as I sit down he is in my lap purring. He curls up and goes to sleep if I sit there long enough.

The lesson God taught me from this is that when I am hurt by life, when I'm bruised and bleeding emotionally, when my enemy has given me a fight and I feel beat up.....

I need to gaze on Him, follow Him more closely, get up in His lap, find my contentment and peace in Him. May every hurt in life draw me to HIM.