Saturday, September 19, 2009


It started this morning with a casual walk to the barn. My little niece had informed me that there were some new baby goats and wanted me to see them. There is nothing more wonderful than babies of any kind and these were no exception. They were SIMPLY adorable and when I picked up a tiny one in my arms, he laid his little head against me and made THAT a FAVORITE MOMENT!

A short time later as I walked to the garden, I observed that the rising sun had covered everything in beauty beads. It was a BEAUTIFUL MORNING!! Dean was cutting some okra for me and suddenly I noticed the row of dried cornstalks behind him. The entire row from end to end was covered with Morning Glories in full bloom. Hundreds and hundreds of blooms various shades of pink, purple and blue literally blanketed the garden. It was spectacular, breathtakingly lovely and another FAVORITE MOMENT!

I left Dean's and drove to a neighbors who had muscadines that needed picking. What a sweet, delightful treat to see the vines hanging with the delicious grapes. I enjoyed filling my gallon bucket, tasting as I went. That was a FAVORITE MOMENT!

After coming home (I had stayed with Mom last night) I felt tired and a little sad so I snuggled with Mark in his big recliner. Mark is the MOST snuggable person in the entire world and the peaceful, happy feeling that snuggling with a loved person brings made THAT a FAVORITE MOMENT!

In a few minutes Mark left to take some things to his parents so I went out to play with the neighbor's dog. The poor animal lives in a sea of mud and doggie doo doo and always seems hungry for food and friendship. I took one of my worn out socks, tied a knot in it, and we played tug-a-war for quite awhile. He enjoyed a doggie treat and his "smile" made it a FAVORITE MOMENT!

God, thank you for all the simple yet wonderful moments in my life. The day is only half over and You've given me SO MUCH!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where's the GROOM?

The past summer months I have seen many wedding albums posted on face book as friends and children of friends "tie the knot". It is always fun to see friends and acquaintances getting married and I LOVE looking at the pictures to see who I know and observe the beauty of the bride!!

One observation I have made is the fact that there are MANY more photos taken of the bride than there are of the groom!

Every aspect of the day from preparation through the ceremony and on to the reception there is usually photo after photo of the bride. There MIGHT be a shot or two of the groom, although there was, in fact, one set of photos posted which I perused several times and NEVER DID see a photo of the GROOM!!!!

No, the wedding day seems to be made especially for the bride and SHE is in the spotlight!!!!

Thinking along this line brought me to consider another wedding where I am quite sure the GROOM will be the One in the spotlight and that is the marriage of Christ and The Church. To look into the eyes of the One Who has loved us all along, through our bumbling and mistakes, and has seen in us something He desired so much that He suffered terribly and died. To imagine gazing on the face of such a beloved friend and Redeemer, especially in the context of a marriage......I cannot even REMOTELY comprehend such a moment!!

I know the bride will be pure, spotless and without a blemish, but I believe all focus and attention will be on the GROOM!

What a day that will be!!! It will be worth any perceived hardship, battle, or struggle HERE to experience His nearness and loving presence THERE.

Truly Jesus will be what makes it HEAVEN for me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


In preparation for leading our district women in worship, I began meditating on the names of God. As I did a little research, I found many more names for God than I ever knew existed! And I found out what I already knew - my God is EVERYTHING I need.

Is my mind embattled with rushing unwanted thoughts over a particular situation or circumstance that I have NO power to change? my God is JEHOVAH SHALOM: the Lord my peace.

Do I need finances to pay this week's bills? my God is JEHOVAH JIRAH: the Lord who provides.

Does my spirit cry out for nourishment and intimacy? my God is EL HANNE'EMAN: the faithful God (to support and nourish) and EL SHADDAI (the all sufficient God). Aletha Hinthorn points out in her article "Hallowed Be Thy Name" and I quote, "The word SHADDAI is derived from the word invariably used in scripture for a woman's breast. As the mother is the all sufficient one to her baby, God is the satisfier of His people. SHADDAI suggests perfect supply and perfect comfort. It suggests exuberance, sufficiency, bountifulness, and perfect satisfaction all combined with irresistible power!!!"

Do I need wisdom to live life today? my God is EL DE'OT: the God of perfect knowledge.

There is nothing I need - physically, mentally, emotionally, financially or spiritually that He cannot supply!!! What a God!!! I challenge you to find any other god capable of meeting your personal needs with such overpowering abundance.

As I was pondering all this, I turned the radio on just in time to hear a hymn from yesteryear. The words seemed especially alive with meaning, "Take the name of Jesus with you, child of sorrow and of woe, It will joy and comfort give you, take it then where'er you go. Precious name, O how sweet, Hope of earth and Joy of Heaven." Jesus- One with and equal to God.

Later that day, as if Someone wanted to be sure I got the message, I heard SAME song AGAIN, "Take the Name of Jesus WITH YOU......". The words were so powerful, "Take the Name....TAKE THE NAME......WITH YOU."

My attitude and outlook are forever changed when I TAKE THE NAME!!!!

P.S. There are just a FEW of the names I discovered........for a faith building study look for yourself!!!