Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The God Who Answers

There have been many prayers answered in the past few months. Here are TEN that I am praising God for today:
1. my friend, Corey, was finally able to get a kidney transplant he desperately needed!
2. a large amount money was sent to a friend in need!
3. three people got jobs (one person had been looking for a job for two years)!!
4. easy delivery of a new, beautiful grandneice!
5. healing touch on a friend's baby!
6. a great Christian husband for a neice!
7. a friend's good report from a cancer checkup!
8. that I finally was able to order a Prayer Station!
9. for clear direction on an important decision!!!!
10. positioning of people in church leadership for the good of the church
God, You are amazing! Thank you for answering me when I call to You.


Dar said...

Thank you, Dot, for posting the answers to prayer. It's so easy for me to momentarily "Thank God" for HUGE answers....and then go on to the next request without rethinking the major blessings!

It's amazing how quietly God works......so quietly that sometimes I forget that the answer came from Him.

God is awesomely great and is constantly at work!!

Your 10 answers are an encouragement to keep on praising and praying.......

I love you,

Plant Lady said...

Smiling : )

Plant Lady